Let's contribute a tree to the future together

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Planting trees together with Bwoods VZW

Trees, plants and animals play a major role in our environment. It is important that different green and active elements are present. Numerous forests have made way for new villages / towns / cities, residences, industry, roads, ... . As human beings we also leave behind a larger ecological footprint and in this way we want to give something back to our earth and environment. Every tree as an investment in our future.

By planting trees and creating new ecosystems Bwoods VZW is fully committed to the future. Partly to compensate for our current living behavior (think for example of compensating our individual CO2 emissions) but also with a view to future generations. With any amount, no matter how large or small, we get to work at Bwoods VZW; even with 1 euro it is possible to plant a tree. Our goal ? The creation of forests and a greener, more wooded Belgium with a healthier future in sight.

Everyone makes a difference ! Planting trees works

Would you also like to make a difference and invest in our future? Then you've come to the right place at Bwoods. Through Bwoods VZW we want to make it possible for everyone to contribute, f.e. you can already donate for trees starting from 1€ ! We will make sure that your donation is used for planting new trees and a more wooded Belgium. Do you have your own project you are working on ? Or do you have a piece of land or garden where you would like to plant trees ? Let us know for sure !

Follow our progress through our online forest. For every 100 trees we plant, we put a new Bwoods tree online, this way you can also follow our progress digitally.

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I want to compensate my CO2 footprint

Did you know that mature trees compensate between 21.77kg and 31.5kg of CO2 per year?

They absorb CO2 and convert it into oxygen during their feeding process, just like all other plants. That's why Bwoods is focussing on planting trees and forests. In combination with all the plants that grow abundantly under our planted trees, they form the lungs of our environment.

Do you drive 10,000 km with your Golf every year? Then 6 trees are needed to co²mpensate these kilometers. Not in 1 year, but these 6 trees, with an average life span of 25 years, will take their entire life cycle to compensate these 10.000km. The image on the right gives a nice picture of how you can compensate your CO2 !